Excuses... By 4ème Hendrix and 4ème Callas

Après avoir travaillé sur le poème Excuses de Alan Ahlberg , les élèves de 4ème Callas et 4ème Hendrix ont écrit une strophe supplémentaire, puis ont voté pour celles qu’ils préféraient. Bravo à tous pour votre imagination ! Voici les strophes qui ont recueilli le plus de voix :


My scissors were stricken by a thunderstorm, Miss,
And seamen threw the ink of my pen into the water.
My pen was killed by my glue, Miss,
And my glue was stuck for having killed my pen.
My notebook lost its sheets in autumn, Miss.
By Léna, Noémie and Valentine

I was kidnapped by a mad scientist who forced me to eat dead rats, Miss,
And a psychopath took my work to make spaghettis.
A magician had my work disappear in her hat, Miss,
And I was bitten by a monster and transformed into a zombie.
By Minh Thanh

A meteorite has landed on my book, Miss,
And a dinosaur has eaten my paper.
My book has gone to war, Miss.
By Alexis and Maxence

I fell in the sea and came back in a fishing net, Miss,
I did my homework, but it burst into flames.
My elephant has eaten my school bag, Miss,
And on the road I was attacked by a herd of lutins who stole my homework.
By Clarisse and Laurine

I was playing call of duty and I went in the screen, Miss,
One shell has fallen on my notebook.
I went on the Mont Chilrad and the extraterrestrials took my notebook, Miss,
And my dog ate my papers.
By Lucas and Roman


My fountain pen has flowed on my paper and I don’t have an eraser, Miss.
I waited for my mother and it rained on my notebook ;
My slice of bread with nutella fell on my exercise, Miss
And I have forgotten the key of my house, so I had to sleep outside and I was so hungry I ate my notebook.
By Clarisse and Océane D.

I have forgotten my brain at home, Miss.
And my scissors have cut my fingers.
My fingers hurt.
And my pens have gone on strike.
By Alexandre and Martin

My pencil is on holiday, Miss
My pencil case was crushed.
My diary has lost its pieces of paper, Miss,
And my notebook has attacked a bank.
By Océane S. And Romane B.

I forgot my pencil case because someone took it on a tree, Miss.
I didn’t come to school because I was kidnapped by my bed,
I am late because my mother was hitting my little brother with my shoes, Miss.
I forgot my scissors because my father cut my sister’s hair with them.
By Madisson and Ophélie

My pen ate my book, Miss,
And my ruler killed my paper.
There was a bug,
And my book had a headache.
By Florian

My dog has eaten my homework, Miss.
And my brother has sold my pencil case.
I have forgotten my book, Miss,
And my page burst into flames.
By Paul and Valentin

I don’t have my book, Miss, because my sister urinated on it,
The windows went open, and my grandmother ironed it,
I don’t have my book because my father put it on the toilets,
And my mother set it on fire.
By Kévin T. And Alexis