Queen Victoria and the Crystal Palace

Complete your worksheet on the internet :

A. Queen Victoria and the Industrial Revolution
Under Queen Victoria’s reign, Britain became the _______________country in the world.
With the colonisation, the British Empire ruled ____________________ of the world’s population.
The population of Britain was multiplied by __________.
Lanscapes changed with the building of many ________________________.
This is the Industrial Revolution, with the development of metallurgy and railways.

B) Working conditions in the factories.

Most people worked _________ hours a day.

Who worked in the factories ? ______________________

C) There were many inventions under Queen Victoria’s reign. Find some of them.

1) Photography was invented by ____________in ___________
2) The typewriter was invented by ___________ in ___________

3) The first Electric Railway opened in _____________. .

4) The gramophone was invented in________ by___________________.

5) Cinematograph was invented by ____________________in____________.

D. The first world fair
a) What’s a « world fair » in French ?

b) Where was the first world fair held ?

c) In which year was it held ?

d) When did it open ?

e) When did it close ?

f) How many countries participated ?

g) How many visitors attended the fair ?

h) What was the name of the huge structure which was built ?

i) Who designed the structure ?

j) It was a novel building at the time, because it was made of ______________ and ___________________.

k) Look at the video. What happened to the building in 1936 ?


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